Ways to get involved across the UK

The UK Vision Strategy sets a high level framework for change but it is only by the actions taken by individuals and organisations that real change will be achieved to improve the lives of people with sight loss and that whenever possible sight loss is prevented altogether. Find out below how you can turn the Strategy into reality.

Put the Strategy into action

The Adult UK sight loss pathway 
This pathway offers commissioners and practitioners a unique tool to enable people with sight loss to get the right support at the right time and from the right person. It clarifies the pathway across health and social care and so enables better partnership working and a smooth transition for the person with sight loss. To find out more visit the pathway page.
Commissioning guidance
Together with our partners the UK Vision Strategy has produced guidance for commissioners about how to commission and deliver high quality eye care services. 
Implementing the strategy in each country of the UK
To increase awareness of the importance of eye health and improve the services available for people who are blind or partially sighted, the implementation of the UK Vision Strategy is led at a country level. Since 2008, all four UK countries have developed and published plans for implementing the Strategy. Find out how you can implement the Strategy in EnglandNorthern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.
Clinical priority for eye health
The Royal College of General Practitioners has made eye health with a focus on ageing and sight loss a clinical priority across the UK from now until March 2016. Read more about how you can get involved in this project by visiting the clinical priority page.
Research setting partnership
Despite on-going research activity in the UK and other countries, there are still many questions about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sight loss and eye conditions that remain unanswered. The Sight Loss and Vision Priority Setting project was launched to help research funders understand how patients, carers and eye health professionals prioritise these unanswered questions so that future research can be targeted accordingly. To find out more visit the Sight Loss partnership website.
Seeing it my way
Seeing it my way is an initiative to ensure that every blind and partially sighted person, regardless of age, ethnicity, extent of sight loss, other disabilities, or location across the UK, has access to the same range of information and support. To read more about this go to the Seeing it my way page.
Vision Charter
You and your vision: a charter for eye care and sight loss services' outlines, in clear and jargon-free terms, what people should expect on their eye care journey, reinforcing the drive for seamless health and social care services. Please download  the vision charter - charter in PDF or charter in Word from the link provided at the end of this page.

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UK Vision Strategy:Vision Charter

This document is available in both Word and PDF formats