Stream 3: Inclusion - Being heard and changing attitudes!


Is enough being done to involve people living with sight loss in the design process for developing tools that enable independence and inclusion and if not, why not?  Public perceptions of what it is like to live with sight loss can limit blind or partially sighted people’s opportunities in life, leading to social isolation and underachievement so what can be done to stop this from happening? This stream will include sessions ranging from product design that puts users at the beginning of the design process to awareness raising projects that improve public understanding of sight loss.

Why attend?

In this stream you will learn about how listening to people affected by sight loss can lead to improved technological developments and products that are fit for purpose. You will also hear from people leading the way on self-advocacy, using a variety of different media to articulate a positive view of what people can do to live independent lives.

Chair: Ken Reid, Scottish Vision Strategy Ambassador


Including the voice of people with sight loss in design

Matt Marsh, Creative Director, Firsthand Experience

Matt Marsh will lead a session examining how new products, services and environments can be designed to accommodate users with sight loss. He will explore obstacles in the design system, how they can be overcome, and how those with sight loss can be included in the design process. This session will include audience participation to explore the obstacles, generate ideas of how they can be solved, and create actions for change to promote to the design community and beyond.

Case Studies:

Cities Unlocked

Jarnail Chudge, User Experience Architect, Microsoft

Find out how a partnership between Guide Dogs and Microsoft has yielded the innovative use of 3D audio to increase independence and mobility for people living with sight loss by helping them paint a richer picture of their surroundings.

Conspexit Intelligent Assistant

Laith Al-Janabi, VP- Strategic Partnerships,Conspexit

Find out how the Conspexit Intelligent Assistant will ‘see the world’ and assist people with sight loss with a variety of day to day tasks.  Laith will also outline plans for this product in the future. 

Working in partnership to provide support to families of children with vision impairment

Sara Akhtar, CYP Enablement Officer, Henshaws and Kay Wrench, Team Leader, Oldham Education Team for Vision Impairment

This session will give an insight into Henshaws’ partnership with Oldham Council’s Vision Impairment Team to employ a Children and Young People Enablement Officer to provide emotional and practical support to families. Sara and Kay will also outline the benefits of partnership working with local eye health professionals and a range of voluntary sector organisations to raise awareness of eye care in mainstream and special schools. Organisations involved included Henshaws, Eye Heroes, SeeAbility, Oldham council and a local dance and theatre company, Reforma.

Supporting Black African people with sight loss to develop peer support groups

Diana Collins, Project Officer, You Care - Eye Care Project, and Gozie Joe Adigwe, Senior Eye Health and Equalities Officer, both RNIB Scotland. 

Learn how this initiative, funded by Alliance Scotland and led by RNIB, supported Black African people living with sight loss to develop a peer support group to build confidence and improve social connectedness.  Learn also how the project helped people work towards non-health goals such as employability, IT proficiency, social integration and effective self-management.   

Changing the face of blindness

Jay Paul, Senior Marketing Manager - Connected Communities, RNIB

Over one-third of blind and partially sighted people say that they sometimes, frequently or always experience negative attitudes from the general public in relation to their sight loss - especially when using a white cane. In this session delegates will learn about the ways in which people living with sight loss are working together and using film and social media to reach the general public to raise awareness of what it is like to live with sight loss; that using a cane does not necessarily mean that a person is unable to see at all and how people registered as blind or partially sighted see the world.

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