Vision UK 2016: Expanding Horizons


Vision UK 2016

The Vision UK 2016 conference, Expanding Horizons took place on Tuesday 14 June at The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London.

Expanding Horizons pushed the boundaries for implementing the UK Vision Strategy nationally and ensured that we engage with organisations and influencers across the wider health and social care sectors. For the first time, the conference collaborated with organisations such as Diabetes UK and Age UK to increase the support to implement the Strategy outcomes.

Watch the highlights:

Delegates chose from four morning streams and four afternoon workshops that reflected their professional interests to really tailor their learning and networking opportunities.

Topics included:

  • Ageing and sight loss: improving later life for people with sight loss
  • Diabetes and preventing blindness: the challenges and solutions to successfully managing diabetes and diabetic eye screening
  • Children and young people: education and inspiration
  • Science and technology: saving sight and social inclusion, what next?

The streams featured inspiring presentations to highlight key strategic policy priorities in 2016. Presentations were followed by a Q&A for delegates to discuss the issues with the experts. The workshops were led by experts to facilitate engaging discussions and shape tangible actions for delegates to take away from the day.

The day closed with the People's Panel, where representatives from the Streams and Workshops shared their learnings from the day. Professor Carrie MacEwen, President of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the Conference Chair then announced the winners in the annual poster competition. They were:

Outcome 1

Poster Title: "Eye Heroes"    

 Authors: Yusrah Shweikh, Ophthalmology registrar, North London; Sonia Szamocki, Doctor, Barts Health NHS Trust; Manjul Rathee, Human-centred Designer; Annegret Dahlmann-Noor, Moorfields Eye Hospital

Outcome 2

There are two winners in the outcome 2 category:

Poster Title: "Henshaws Community Services - A Pathway to Wellbeing"

Authors: Helen Doyle, Robert Cooper and Alice Carey, Henshaws Society for Blind People

Poster Title: "Improving wet AMD patient experience through community-based mobile services"

Authors: Professor Geeta Menon, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust; Shabnam Sama, Novartis

Outcome 3         

Poster Title: "Museums in Focus: increasing accessibility of museums and arts venues for people with sight loss"

Authors: Dr Jacqueline Witherow and Rebecca Davis, RNIB Northern Ireland

People's Choice

Poster Title: "Measuring movement performance of children with visual impairment"

Authors: Alannah Savage and Dr Matthew Rodger, Queen's University Belfast; Martin Walls, Blind Children UK